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Why is Google Forcing SSL Certificates?

Why is Google Forcing SSL Certificates?

Google is always changing the playing field, and it’s our responsibility to educate our clients when constant changes occur. A current change which has been slowly developing in the background is securing your website by installing a SSL Certificate. But why is Google forcing SSL certificates? Because if you don’t Google will flag your website.

In today’s online world we turn to the internet for everything now. From buying a car to selling a home, it is the introduction of an E-world, but with this trend that is dominating the world, online security has never been so important.

Google does love their users so they are coming up with every possible way to make us feel secure when online. With its recent announcement this year, Google will now flag all the unencrypted internet.

This means if your website does not have an SSL certificate, it will display a ‘Not Secure’ in the URL bar like the diagram below.


When Should You Worry About SSL?

With Chrome version 62 already being released, websites with any kind of text input will need an SSL certificate. Does your website take text fields in the form of the login panels and  contact forms? And Is your website on a HTTP://?

If YES to both these questions, you do need to install SSL to avoid the warnings and risks. If you decide not to implement a SSL soon, the visitors to your website will see a “Not Secure” warning on when entering your site. This could have a negative reaction, and may even cause your visitors to leave and never return, which in turn will mean less business and interaction with your site.

How does a SSL Certificate Work?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between your web server and the browser. This ensures that all data passed between the server and browser is private.

If you don’t have the SSL certificate, a secure connection can’t be established, which means, your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key.

SSL Certificate has the following information:

  • The name of the holder
  • A copy of the certificate holder’s public key
  • A serial number and expiration date
  • Digital Signature of the certificate-issuing authority


Why are SSL Certificates So Critical?

1. It Encrypts Private Information

The information you send on the Internet passes from one computer to another to get to the server. Any computer that is between you and the server can see your bank card numbers, passwords, usernames, and any other private information if not encrypted. When an SSL certificate is installed, that information is unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

2. Protects You From Hackers

It is getting more and more impossible to escape the increase of cybercrime, and if your website does not have an SSL certificate hackers can identify a weakness in your network, usually when information is transmitted. The good news you can protect yourself from this by installing SSL certificate that offers a vital means of defending it against hacks.

3. Builds Trust

With SSL certificates installed, your customers will see a lock icon and green address bar that proves this is a well-trusted encryption. As a customer they will see that on your website, it assure them that their information is safe. This will boost the credibility of your brand.

So before Google flags your website, make sure it is secure by adding a SSL Certificates.

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