SEO trends in 2019

SEO trends are constantly changing, and as a SEO agency it’s frustrating to try and keep up with those trends, which is why we are sharing our SEO trends in 2019. We will look at what SEO strategies will work and help you dominate in the search engine results page and hopefully earn more revenue in 2019.

Why a website audit is important

Why a website audit is important

Your website is one of the most valuable properties your business has, and this is why a website audit is important.

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website then it’s time to take a look at what’s working and what’s not in today’s online world.
Conducting a website audit benefits your business because it can aim to increase your online presence and online sales. A website audit can identify problems with your website architecture, and as a result, you can learn where to improve technical site performance.
A website audit discovers discrepancies that could result in Google penalysing your ranking on Google’s search engine rankings

The website audit can be broken down into:

  • Site health
  • Traffic
  • Functionality
  • User engagement
  • User experience
  • Website performance

Site Health

A site health audit will assess architecture and the usability of a website. It also analyses likely gaps in content structure and speed. It also discovers new opportunities for key performance indicators (KPIs).

The following are steps we can take on your behalf to fine-tune your website in order for it to stand out online.

Visit your website like a visitor

We will take a good look by visiting your home page as if it were for the first time we had seen it, and look at it from your customers point of view. We can note of how long the page loads, how easy the content is to read, the graphics, and and how it looks on a mobile device. By subscribe through your opt-in box and double checking all your links are linking to the right pages. We will follow the entire email sequence and track whether your messages are timely, relevant, and correct.

Check all your content links

For your website in particular it could have expired or removed backlinks, which can be checked through by our web developer. This may take some time to evaluate with little cost, but it will greatly improve your website’s speed and help move up your ranking in Google.

Optimise images and outdated plugins

Another issue that slows down websites are too many large sized images and outdated plugins. We can optimise your graphics for faster loading, and update or replace any old plugins in order to remove errors and lag times.

Making sure it’s mobile-friendly

We’ve mentioned this before in our other posts, but it’s worth repeating again. Most consumers these days search and shop straight from their smart phones — the bottom line is that your website needs to be easy to find and navigate or your presence will almost be lost.

You can take a look at what your website currently looks like on all devices including a desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Measuring ROI (Return on Investment)

If you have an eCommerce website then you will want to install tracking for all of your PPC ad campaigns. This is done directly through your Google Adwords account, and is pretty easy to set up:

By checking your website at least every six months will save both time and money.

Remember that a well-tuned website is basically your business’s calling card, and it needs to stand out from your competition in order to get noticed. If its outdated or has too many images or text with broken links, your prospects might be moving on next door to the competition.

By addressing these points will greatly improve your search engine ranking and improve your subscriber rates and sales.

What can your business expect after doing a website audit?

You will receive a report that will includes any discrepancies discovered. It also shows you the most effective way to fix them. Regular website audits keep businesses aligned with Google’s best practices.
A website audit is an essential step to improve the efficiency of your website. Website audits improve Google search ranking while increasing website traffic and performance. A website audit provides your business with an unique opportunity for growth online.

What do you do if your website audit needs urgent attention?

If the audit has some negative reports that make you realise some change is in order, contact us for assistance in making changes.

We would love to assist you!


The-importance-of relevant-backlinks

The importance of relevant backlinks

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Finding the right Design Agency

Finding the right Design Agency

At DesignLab we value and practice forming close partnerships with our clients, so it can be stressful finding the right design agency when you are shopping around. 

In an industry where design agencies seem to pop up overnight, it’s important that you cut through the spin and find out exactly who you’re really dealing with to ensure that the “connection” is right for your needs.

Below we have listed down a number of basic rules to help you find the right partnership.

1. It’s all about relationships.

  • Do you need a quick turnaround or it just could be a a one-off job? Or could it be an on-going service where you need to deal with the same designer often.
  • Do you want to deal with the account manager or are would you prefer dealing directly with the graphic designer?
  • Are you happy with a “Tiger Airways” experience or do you want all the bells and whistles?

The above will play a big part on who will prove the right partner.

2. Budget Range

As the old saying goes “champagne taste on beer money”. If you’re spending $500 on a quick logo then don’t expect it to go far in a bigger agency that has large overheads. But, if you’re a large corporate company it’s not realistic to expect a freelance to have the capacity or experience to work on a project such as yours.

3. Size does matter

Just think your local mechanic doesn’t have the experience or tools to fix a Ferrari, a smaller design agency may not have the experience or staff to deal with a complex work. And as my experience shows I have seen smaller agencies try very hard to convince you otherwise, just beware of silver tongue “yes of course we can”. But if you’re a start-up/small business with a small budget, then a small agency is perfect for you.

4. But experience matters more!

Always ask to see a portfolio and case studies of the agency’s past work. Only then can you decide whether they have a proven track record of customer service and delivery. Look for the type of clients that agency has worked with. Do they have a portfolio of clients in your industry? And do they understand your market and your customers.

5. Client testimonials and references

This doesn’t mean just accepting what you see on the design agencies website, it’s better to see a real sample client list or even better yet call them yourself. You would be amazed what you might learn!

6. Industry Standard

Every industry has some sort of yearly awards, competitions etc. and the graphic design industry is no different. Find out if your agency tries to excel and submit their best work for annual awards. I mean graphic design awards on their wall won’t guarantee the right outcome for you, but it tells you that the agency has at some point proven they have the ability to deliver quality work at the highest level.

Another thing to do is check to see if that design agency is an accredited member of their respective association. If so, are they published on a industry website?

7. Don’t just be led by price

Trust me, the bitter after taste of bad design will long linger after the sweetness of the low price has been forgotten! Amazing design is always worth that bit more – it’s proven to help drive your business, generate sales and persuade customers, also you feel proud seeing it, I mean you have to live with it day by day, so you better love it! The design agencies who hold on their rates are often the busiest and best ones, because they don’t need to discount their prices. Why are they busy? Probably because they’re good at what they do and they know it.

8. Understanding the landscape

Over past ten years the graphic design landscape as a service has changed beyond recognition. Today you can hire an international design agency that you don’t even need to meet. On the other end of the spectrum there are numerous start up freelance designers offering a much more basic level of expertise, but at a very competitive rate. Design agencies come in all shapes and sizes, and most with a range of different services. From your traditional large agency (who are beloved by big brands and the public sector), to a mid-size or boutique agency who’s offering is every bit as good, but which target a different client profile.

9. It’s all about getting results

At its roots, graphic design is not about creating “a pretty picture”, it is an effective communication tool that, in the hands of professionals produces results. This means there should be an agreed objective or a measure of success. Find a partner with an understanding of both the commercial and marketing challenges that face your business, and don’t be tricked on just a design solution to a marketing problem.

10. Finally, it’s all about chemistry

This is important. At DesignLab we are all about chemistry that connects. Go with your gut  and move on to an agency you feel more comfortable with. Remember you are entrusting the face and reputation of your business with this agency, so chemistry is critical.

Talk to DesignLab today about forging a partnership for your business and finding the right design agency!


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