The Top Animated Marketing Videos


The Top Animated Marketing Videos That We Think Rock!

The bar has been set. Animated videos like Tyson, GE, and McDonald’s are now tapping into animated marketing videos… it makes sense that the world’s best animated video production and explainer video companies have only gotten better.

The most important thing about video marketing is whether or not it helps you reach your marketing objectives. And quality is an incredibly important component of your video’s goals. If your animated marketing videos look like your 5-year old child made it – people are not going to take you’re business seriously.

You need to start simple – just visualise your target audience. What do you want your’e customers to think or feel? That’s your objective. Now break that objective down into small steps. This results in your content objective – a list of “mini objectives” that gets the audience from point A to point B. Next comes the creative part – coming up with visual elements to carry these content points.  These simple guidelines can help you start on your way.


We want to share some of our favourites from this year.

YouCaring Video

One of this video’s greatest highlights is its ability to reach viewers on a emotional level.

Autosoft Flex Connect

This is your a fantastic example of a classic explainer video excellence.


This video hits you with the hard facts and leaves you guessing how much longer you’ll be using actual coins to pay for a bottle of Coke.


Dropbox has been lord of the explainer video game. This marketing video is a reboot of that original DropBox message, and it feels as fresh and engaging as ever.

Dupont Food

Clearly a graphic designer has worked on this. This video is simple – bold lines, white and grey colours with splashes of red – but that’s what makes this video an amazing work of art. When an animator can make their work seem so effortless- you know they are a master of the craft.

Tyson Hunger Relief

We seriously love this video! How do you tell the story of a company’s huge donation milestones without it feeling too like they are showing off? You make it funny and heartfelt.

Big Presence

This is truly astounding work. They pioneered the “founder’s story” video by having Big Presence’s CEO provide the voiceover for this video.


Everything about this video says “WOW.”

Men’s Health

There is a monochrome palette that uses depths and angles… they take a concept like flatulence and turn it into a highly educational and engaging topic.

Onward Internet

This by far is our favourite marketing video of the year. You have never seen anything like it. Until you watch it again!