Logo Design Adelaide

Your business logo occupies a very special place hence you should never undervalue its importance. Logo Design Adelaide is a element that symbolises your business.

Logo Design Adelaide

Your logo occupies a very special place hence you should never undervalue its importance. Logo Design Adelaide is an element that symbolises your business.

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Why is a logo so important for your business?

A logo is so much more than just an image and some text. It is the face of your business, we all know that first impressions is everything. A logo is a point of recognition for your clients and and most important the foundation of the branding of your business.

A professionally-designed logo is the best way to convey to your customers that your business is first and up-most professional, trustworthy, and provides quality service or goods.

Your logo is not your brand. Branding is completely different, a brand is the experience and perception your customers have of your business.

But your logo is important to your business because its job is to communicate your value, quality and ownership of your business. Your logo is imprinted on your products, your stationary, social media, website and most importantly in the minds of your customers.

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No escape!

Logos do bombard us. Think of cloth labels, or running shoes (Nike), and computers (Apple). From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, they’re are part of our daily lives.

The average Australia sees 14,000 logos, adverts and labels in one day.

Look around. How many logos can you see?

Because we are producing such a ridiculous amount of information, we’re seeing logos that are so similar to each another, and this can pose a problem for businesses that are trying to differentiate themselves visually, but it can also create an opportunity for graphic design agencies who can create iconic designs that stand out the crowd.

A logo-less business is a faceless human

For hundreds of years, we have needed and desired some sort of social identification. For example think of a farmer who brands his cattle to mark his ownership, or a stonemason who chisels his trademark on his work.

Try this… close your eyes and picture McDonald’s, what comes into your mind? the golden arches? For those businesses and companies that have a strong brand identity, it’s the identity that consumers often think of first, rather than what they sell. Think of Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Google, and Starbucks.

Chances are if you didn’t see their logos, you would still have a fairly good idea of what their logos look like. Mind you, a huge marketing budget is necessary to achieve this sort of brand recognition of such organisations, but it’s important to “put on your best face.”

Symbols transcend boundaries

To sell products all over the globe, your brand has to speak a lot of different languages. This is why we have logos because they are easy-to-identify symbols that need no translation. Recognisable regardless of language or culture, logos which are symbols enable businesses to cross barriers, globally compete and maintain brand consistency across a wide range of marketing media.

Rethinking the importance of brand identity

We usually judge books by their covers, whether it’s right or not, it’s just how we are programmed.  That’s why the perceived value of a product or service is usually better than the actual thing. The same identity seen over and over again builds trust, and trust keeps customers always coming back for more.

It’s kind of like putting a face to a name— logos help people remember their experiences with business and companies.

It’s important during initial discussions with any design agency, as a way of driving home the importance of choosing us your’e preferred designer.

Elements of an iconic design

Anyone can design a logo, just like anyone can paint a house, but not everyone can design the right logo or paint a house like a professional painter does.

A successful logo may meet the goals set in a design brief, but a truly iconic design will be simple, enduring, relevant, memorable, and adaptable.

So many requirements may seem like a large order. But remember, you have to know the rules in any creative endeavor before you can break them successfully.

A Michelin-star chef doesn’t just grab ingredients from thin air. They take a tried-and-tested recipe and adapt it to create their signature dish. This same rule also applies to creating a brand identity.

The basic elements of a classic iconic logo is the ingredients in your own recipe, so let’s examine each one closely before you go out and earn your own awards.

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