Adelaide Festival 2015 Program Launch

Last Thursday 16th October saw the launch of the program for the 2015 Adelaide Festival. The 30th Adelaide Festival program was unveiled with the full line-up presented by Artistic Director David Sefton, and we had front row seats.

This being our fourth year working with the Adelaide Festival we feel very privileged to be invited to the launch party, especially when we get a mention from CEO Karen Bryant in front off all government officials and the media at the VIP party before hand about our graphic design work.

As a nod to the very first Adelaide Festival poster, the artwork for the 2015 Adelaide Festival of Arts is an interpretation of the iconic ‘double A’ from 1960. This was designed and developed by Voice.

The 2015 Adelaide Festival features over 22 Australian premieres and exclusive events including the ambitious digital arts event Blinc, which will open the Festival on Friday 27th February 2015, and will continue every night of the festival for free. Artistic Director David Sefton says Blinc is the “most ambitious public art event the festival has ever presented”.

Danny Elfman, will be in Adelaide for his production Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton, which is a showcase of some of the memorable scores he has composed for famour director Tim Burton which includes Batman, BeetlejuiceThe Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. The concert will be held at the Entertainment Centre and will be performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Other highlights of the program include Unsound, Tommy: which is a radical jazz reimagining of The Who’s double album, Fela! The Concert: A concert version of the Broadway musical about Afrobeat originator Fela Kuti, Blow the Bloody Doors Off!!: instrumentalist Terry Edwards celebrates the music of the iconic Michael Caine film such as Alfie, The Italian Job and Get Carter.  Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet: The US company makes their exclusive Australian debut and Bill Viola: The work of the American video artist will be presented across three venues, The Art Galley of SA, Queen’s Theatre and St Peter’s Cathedral.

The social photos above in the slider were taken by Tony Lewis and you can see more by clicking here at Indaily’s website.

CCIASA AGM Gala Dinner

The Caravan & Camping Industries Association of South Australia Inc., (CCIA. of SA) is a broad based Trade organisation which was incorporated in 1976. It’s membership is made up of retailers, manufacturers, hirers, service providers, repairers and suppliers and as such is predominately aligned with businesses in or closely related to the outdoor leisure Industry.

Every year the Association holds their Annual General Meeting Gala Dinner all around Adelaide’s most prestigious hotels and function centres, incorporating a different theme for each event that we design. The previous years have been Survivor, Circus, Oscar Award themed, so this year’s task was to do something different – Casino Royale! We are a huge fan of the Bond movies so we were super excited to be asked to design a Monte Carlo Casino Royale theme.

The design used elements of sophistication illustrating dice and cards with a elegant and classical looking font. This was then applied to invites, menus, table numbers and presentational slides on the night.

Another reason why we are so fortunate to work with the Association and the guys from is because we get to go to each Gala Dinner every year, who doesn’t like getting dressed up in a suit or a expensive frock and have a night out with flowing champagne, wine and beer accompanied by a three course meal. We always feel very proud and privileged to be invited to the dinner.
The dinner was held at the InterContinental Adelaide on Saturday 20th September, and the guests couldn’t get enough as they played the roulette, poker and blackjack tables, winning and losing thousands of fun dollars which was presented by Ace Nights.

Adelaide Festival Design Posters

For more than 50 years Adelaide Festival audiences have been delighted in an mix of challenging, inspiring and entertaining artists and performers. This vital and prestigious celebration of art from around the globe has defined South Australia as the nation’s premier festival state. With internationally acclaimed theatre productions, an eclectic array of world-class musicians, breathtaking dance pieces and striking visual arts displays, Adelaide’s warm March days and starry nights provide the ideal setting for this highly accessible event.

We have had the privilege of working with the Adelaide Festival for the past three years, and are luckily enough to have just been signed on for a fourth year. It has been a great experience working closely with the team for both parties.

As we are working with design talent Voice on the new artwork for 2015, we thought wouldn’t be good to have a look back at some of the Adelaide design posters to see how far graphic design has come.

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Graphic Design Adelaide Community on Google+

We have finally seen the light, and joined Google+ by creating our own little design community named ‘Graphic Design Adelaide Community’ which anyone can join by clicking on the link.

We love all things design, and of course our little town of Adelaide in South Australia. We made this community not just for fellow Adelaideans, but for any one out there who has never been to Adelaide, so that one day they can come over and see what it has to offer.

Below is some of the cool stuff we have posted on there.


Adelaide… it’s got that feeling (1982 Advert)

Adelaide logo design for favourite food event

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The problem

Fork on the Road was an idea by Joe Noone, who was inspired by the Food Truck Events overseas. After coming back from his trips abroad, Joe approached us about creating a logo which had to clearly identify the idea of Food Trucks, Vans, Carts and Bikes all in one location, making the food itself the attraction and the event.

The approach

We started the Adelaide logo design project by researching the main theme of the fork on the road as per the title of the event. The ideas was not to take itself too seriously, and have fun with the idea. Using colours such as yellow and red in relation to the fast food industry, red triggers stimulation, appetite, hunger, it attracts attention.  Yellow triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness.

The solution

We created an identity that is fun and colourful, it is now an Adelaide institution. It just works, and is recognisable around Adelaide.



Fork On The Road Facebook Link

Fork On The Road Website

We are proud sponsor of Cumberland Soccer Club


We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring one of South Australia’s longest running soccer clubs Cumberland United. We were approached by the club after our son Brando was chosen to play in their Under 7’s team.

Since its inception Cumberland has competed in various tournaments and competitions and has won numerous trophies but probably none more significant as in 1978 when the club won the State League Championship and the Federation Cup in the same year.

One of the many perks of being a sponsor is we get to have out logo on the back of the teams jersies. Over the next couple of months we will be re-designing their website, so make sure you come back and have a look.

To view the website click here.

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SA Caravan & Camping Show

This year’s SA Caravan & Camping Show was a massive success, with a record crowds, a new Camping Kids Zone, Jayco Main Stage featuring The Drumming Monkeys topped off by perfect sunny Adelaide weather, what was there not to love!

We took a different direction with this years branding. We wanted the poster to create a sense of the typical Aussie holiday camping with family and friends.  We used a photo which was a brother and sister running on a jetty about to jump into the beach, and with tagline named ‘Your Aussie adventure starts here!’

SA-Caravan-Show-2014Poster    Photo 22-02-2014 12 43 28 pm Photo 22-02-2014 12 37 51 pm Photo 22-02-2014 12 13 21 pm Photo 22-02-2014 1 24 57 pm Photo 22-02-2014 1 04 58 pm

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Adelaide Festival 2014 Launch Night

Last night saw the launch of Adelaide Festival 2014, and we were there enjoying ourselves after a tiring couple of months getting the booking guide plus all the signage ready for the night.

The theme of the poster is inspired by the 560 million year old fossils discovered in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges that represent earliest known complex organisms.

It was a huge success as Artistic Director David Sefton unleashed his eclectic program for 2014. Shows to watch out for are Roman Tragedies, Zorn in Oz, Green Porno featuring Isabelle Rossellini plus many more.

Click here to view the website to make a booking.

See you there in Feb 2014!

Adelaide-Festival-2014-Graphic-Design-Adelaide_blogAdelaide Festival 2014 poster

Adelaide-Festival-2014-Graphic-Design-Adelaide_blog-2Sneak peak inside

Adelaide-Festival-2014-Graphic-Design-Adelaide_blog-3Drink anyone?

Adelaide-Festival-2014-Graphic-Design-Adelaide_blog-4Proudly showing off the booking guide.

Adelaide-Festival-2014-Graphic-Design-Adelaide_blog-5 Festival CEO Karen Bryant and Premier Jay Weatherill unveil 2014’s posters.

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Graphic Design Adelaide

Graphic Design Adelaide

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Graphic design practitioners specialise in the structuring and organising of visual information to aid communication and orientation. The graphic design process is a problem solving process, one that requires substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise.

An understanding of a client’s product or service and goals, their competitors and the target audience is translated into a visual solution created from the manipulation, combination and utilisation of shape, colour, imagery, typography and space.

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