Adelaide Festival Design Posters

For more than 50 years Adelaide Festival audiences have been delighted in an mix of challenging, inspiring and entertaining artists and performers. This vital and prestigious celebration of art from around the globe has defined South Australia as the nation’s premier festival state. With internationally acclaimed theatre productions, an eclectic array of world-class musicians, breathtaking dance pieces and striking visual arts displays, Adelaide’s warm March days and starry nights provide the ideal setting for this highly accessible event.

We have had the privilege of working with the Adelaide Festival for the past three years, and are luckily enough to have just been signed on for a fourth year. It has been a great experience working closely with the team for both parties.

As we are working with design talent Voice on the new artwork for 2015, we thought wouldn’t be good to have a look back at some of the Adelaide design posters to see how far graphic design has come.

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