Adelaide Festival 2014 Launch Night

Last night saw the launch of Adelaide Festival 2014, and we were there enjoying ourselves after a tiring couple of months getting the booking guide plus all the signage ready for the night. The theme of the poster is inspired by the 560 million year old fossils discovered in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges that represent earliest known complex organisms. It was a huge success as Artistic Director David Sefton unleashed his eclectic program for 2014. Shows to watch out for are Roman Tragedies, Zorn in Oz, Green Porno featuring Isabelle Rossellini plus many more. Click here to view the website to make a booking. See you there in Feb 2014! Adelaide Festival 2014 poster Sneak peak inside Drink anyone? Proudly […]

Thoughts about similar-looking logos

A recent blog post, Your Logo is Not Hardcore, got Bucharest-based designerAndrei Tache thinking. He shared a few of his comments in this guest piece. Nike VCXC branding by Jon Contino Context We’re able to see those X-based logos together because the Internet connects everything, making it look like the world is one big box, but to each of us, life still takes its course in a limited area. Maybe all of those logos do their job for a small area and stand-out just as they are. Regardless, it’s no longer possible to have perfectly distinct logos for every business. You can hardly have that within a specific domain, much less cross-domain as it’s depicted in the case of Your Logo is Not Hardcore. […]

Star Wars logo evolution

Alex Jay published an in-depth examination of the evolution of the Star Wars logo. See the full post on his blog Tenth Letter of the Alphabet. Star Wars letterhead, with lettering by Joe Johnston Mylar poster with Suzy Rice’s logo, 1977 “I’d been reading a book the night before the meeting with George Lucas, a book about German type design and the historical origins of some of the popular typefaces used today — how they developed into what we see and use in the present.” — SUZY RICE The New York Times, March 24, 1985 Full archive: Anatomy of a logo: Star Wars. Via Kottke.

Our Christmas Show

Every 2nd year we like to treat all our clients to a Chrissy drink to thank them for their support throughout the year. Last year we took our clients to Grace The Establishment at Norwood.  

Graphic Design Adelaide

Graphic Design Adelaide Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving activity which combines visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in areas of communications, technology and business. Graphic design practitioners specialise in the structuring and organising of visual information to aid communication and orientation. The graphic design process is a problem solving process, one that requires substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise. An understanding of a client’s product or service and goals, their competitors and the target audience is translated into a visual solution created from the manipulation, combination and utilisation of shape, colour, imagery, typography and space. Read more about Graphic Design DesignLab delivers a graphic design Adelaide service to clients mainly located in Adelaide South Australia. We aim to add […]

Ten logo design tips from the field

I’ve learned from quite a few mistakes during my time as a designer, and to save you from doing likewise, here are 10 logo design tips I picked up. 1. A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does

 Restaurant logos don’t need to show food, dentist logos don’t need to show teeth, furniture store logos don’t need to show furniture. Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean you can’t do better. The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo isn’t an aeroplane. The Apple logo isn’t a computer. Etc. Etc. 2. Not every logo needs a symbol

 Sometimes a client just needs a professional wordmark to identify their business. Don’t be afraid to ask what they think. […]

Superman symbol evolution

First appearance of Clark Kent, 1934-35 “In 1945, National Periodical Publications (later simply known as DC Comics) trademarked Superman’s symbol, allowing the ability to print his stories in perpetuity, rather than allowing the printed material to become public domain after 75 years, as was the norm at that time. The ability to license and merchandise the character created another source of income for the comics industry.” In 1944, the trademarked version of the symbol appeared in Superman 26 “Superman’s symbol has become recognizable all over the world. However, at one time, it was not even very consistently drawn — and that is the crux of this article. Prior to having trademarked the symbol, it went through a great deal of […]