What is Brand Monitoring?

What is Brand Monitoring?

Brand monitoring is an important yet often overlooked aspect of online marketing.

For a company to remain competitive, their business must analyse and refine it’s brand to ensure it’s delivering on the promises of what they stands for.

Brand monitoring is a business analytics process that involves monitoring different channels either on the internet or media with the aim to gain insight about a company, its products, service, brand and anything connected to the business. It is about monitoring the brand’s reputation and reception by the public and their consumer.

One of the benefits of digital advertising is the ability to track, target, and test new strategies and tactics. Your brand is a reflection of your thinking, your character, your values and your business.

Brand monitoring involves regular investigating via media and online channels in order to discover and quickly react to the different sentiments your competitor are experiencing.

This means to monitor the brand’s reputation and positively responding to any press and/or customer concerns to cement trust in the brand.

It’s benefits can include:

Identify a Brand infringer:

A brand infringer is someone always looking at the name and popularity of a brand so they can ride on their popularity. When you brand monitor a brand it allows a company to discover infringers who adopt brand and domain names that are purposely similar to yours.

Addressing consumer reactions:

Brand monitoring allows your company to react to any consumer reaction, be in positive or negative, which is mostly channelled via social media. This also allows the company to monitor competition representations of your brand usually negative reviews.

Two major websites that can help you monitor a brand are Mention and Brandwatch. Both are very good tools that can do so much more than we have explained above.


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