Why We Think Animated Videos Are The Most Effective Marketing Tool


Why We Think Animated Videos Are The Most Effective Marketing Tool

There is no doubt that video is quickly becoming the most powerful and effective marketing tool for online businesses, and this is why we believe why:

Video Increases Conversion Rates:

Studies are showing shoppers who viewed video were 175% more likely to make a purchase. Now, those are pretty good odds!

Video Improves Customer Satisfaction

Video is easy to understand, so it helps the customers understanding of services and products.

Video Can Help Boost The SEO Of Your Website

There is no doubt that video help boost your website’s SEO (search engine ranking) because most search engines will always give preference to sites that include videos, and usually because sites with videos receive backlinks.

What’s The Best Kind Of Video To Market Your Business?

Videos are most effective when they’re simple, short, simple, extremely informative and sometimes funny!

Advantages of Animated Videos:

1. Animated Videos grab attention and are eye-catching.

Animation uses simple shapes, bright colours, and regular movement to keep your viewer’s attention glued to the video. We automatically want to watch it – that’s why as children we love cartoons.

2. They Are Easy To Understand

Animation is perfectly suited to impart information is a clear and simple manner. Your video can include graphs, charts and statistics that will be easily understood because they move and flow along with a voice over.

3. Videos Can Be Used For Any Product

Animation can make a complex topic more interesting. A fantastic example is the Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning film “Argo”, which uses a cartoon/animated sequence as an introduction to the history and politics of Iran.

4. They Appeal To Everyone

Unlike human actors, animation does not age, or is not does not distinguish between races.  As the Internet increasingly becomes a global marketplace, you want your videos to appeal to all types of people in all places all over the world.

5. Animation Can Be Excellent For Branding

Video Animation allows you to incorporate logos and brand images into your video. With animation, your actors can evolve without changing, this allows you to build recurrent themes and brand icons over a series of videos.

6. Animation Can Be Professional

As online videos become more popular, the Internet is flooded with poor-quality, homemade movies from dodgy people.

No matter what your business is, animated videos are one of the smartest investments you can ever make. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to plan your video!