Why Do You Need A Brand Promise?

What is a Brand Promise? And why do you need a Brand Promise?

Why does a business need one? How would it make a business better? How does it relate to my brand strategy? Below we explain those answers, and what kind of a brand promise does your business need to make that impact you have been desiring for?

Let’s start by stating that a brand is a promised delivered.

A brand promise is a value or experience a customer can expect to receive every time they interact with a business or company. The more a business can deliver on that promise, the stronger the brand is valued in the eye of customers and employees.

A brand promise is not a slogan or tagline, and it’s not a “unique selling proposition” either. It’s uniqueness and differentiating power stems by how it transforms the way your business creates strong and meaningful connections with their customers.

The most effective brand promises on the positive and personal, ecological and societal outcomes the brand experience may create.

Think of a brand promise as a natural extension of building blocks of your corporate strategy: i.e. vision, mission and values. Your brand promise is a powerful and appealing way in which these elements can be explained and actualised. Employees should act upon your vision, mission and values will keep them through the emotionally charged and purpose – focused lens of your brand promise.

Why do you need a brand promise?

The belief is that people today are attracted, engaged and loyal to a brand that is purpose driven. These gestures improve the profitability of purpose – driven brands by creating a richer, stronger and deeper experience, and a emotional fullness.

This mission for purpose is present across your customers and employees. It’s what drives more prospects and convert more people to your brand. It makes you a more attractive partner for other attractive purpose – driven brands. Your promise will differentiate you against your competition in many useful ways.

You definitely need a brand promise if your company is lacking direction and focus if your brand is being marginalised by your competition.

The bottom line is a purposeful brand promise is a mandatory for a successful brand.

How does a brand promise make your business better?

Amazing things happen when an company embraces a promise that is purposeful. Meaningful changes happen from the top to the bottom. A spirit full of focus and energy turns your company into a organisation that is more innovative and collaborative.

The right promise turns new attitudes and behaviours across your staff. It evolves your marketing and brand. It inspires new product development and makes your workplace more productive and respectful.

Your brand promise needs to find its way into the hearts and minds of your customers by providing them deeper reasons to love your brand.

A purposeful brand promise has the power to transform your leadership style, it can even further develop your career. If your a leader in your business, then embrace your brand promise yourself.  Aim to live it in ways that motivate, inspire, and reward your employees, then you become a leader people love to follow.

If you create a brand promise that is the right fit for your vision then your customer won’t just buy your products, but they will buy into your ideals because they are something in which you can share with them.

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