What is a cornerstone article


Making your website easy to navigate can be the difference between keeping visitors or losing them to your competitor’s site. A cornerstone content is a important factor in keeping traffic within your site and improving your user experience. This can also help you improve your SEO, which in turn will boost your place in search results and bring more users to your site.

Which is cornerstone article?

Cornerstone content are articles on your website that you’re most proud of. They resonate your business, and are really well written. These are the articles you want to rank high in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are mostly explainers; these articles combine insights from different blog posts.

Cornerstone articles should help a user get familiar with your website and the most important topics that you’re site covers.

Why it’s called cornerstone is because it should be the best content in your site. This is the content you want all your users to see when they first navigate to your site. So plan to make a really good first impression with strong and relevant content. One way to keep visitors returning to your site is to have a series of helpful posts that are linked on the home page.

Why are Cornerstone articles Important?

Cornerstone articles are important for many reasons. One is that it’s the information someone needs to determine whether your website is worthy. Have you ever been to a website that lacked a easy structure? Then you can understand the need for cornerstones. They help guide a user into your site which in turn makes them trust in your’e product or service.

Why is cornerstone important for SEO?

Cornerstone articles plays a very role in SEO. It can be very hard to rank for a search term that is popular. A cornerstone article can help you tackle these competitive search terms. For example if you write a lot of articles about similar blog posts, you need to tell Google which one is the most important. If you don’t then you’ll be competing with your content for a place in the search results, and if you give the proper internal linking structure between your blogs, you can show Google which article is the most important.

What Linking structure to use for cornerstones?

Your cornerstone articles should show high in your websites pyramid. You want your user to click from your homepage to your cornerstone articles easily. You should then link all your other blogs about similar topics to that cornerstone article. From every single one of those posts, you need to link to your cornerstone article. By doing this you will increase the chance of your cornerstone article ranking highly in Google.

What type of content should be in a cornerstone article?

Cornerstone content should always be content pages. It could be a blog post, but you could also make a page out of it. The content should be updated very regularly. Cornerstone articles should be explainers, so these should definitely be informative articles. In your cornerstone article, you should aim to rank for the most competing keywords.

Cornerstone articles are usually rather long. Everything that’s important about a certain topic should be covered in your cornerstone article. That’ll ask quite a bit of your writing skills. Lengthy articles are usually hard to read, especially from a screen. Make sure to use sufficient headings. An index at the beginning of a long cornerstone article is also a great idea.

Tips for writing the Best Cornerstone articles

First of all you should do an extensive keyword research. Then after that you can write long, informative and wonderfully written cornerstone articles. Follow these below steps to make an amazing cornerstone article.

Think about the keywords

You need to figure out the specific keywords you want to rank for. Your cornerstone content should be optimised for the ‘head’ or the most competitive keywords.

Choose the best blog

Go through the blogs that are optimised for the keywords around the most important keywords. Which blog do you think is the best one? This will be your cornerstone article from now on!

Re-write it

Re-write your cornerstone article. Make it SEO-friendly, relevant and rich with handy information for your’e user. Broaden it and make sure it’s totally up to date. You should rewrite and grow that article often.

Optimise your other blogs on long tail keywords

The other blogs about similar business as your cornerstone article should be optimised with long tail keywords in the ‘head’ keyword you’re focusing on in your cornerstone article.

Linking tails to your head

You need to let Google know that your new cornerstone article is the most important one on your site. Don’t forget to link from all the long tail keywords to your cornerstone content,