Video Marketing is the Future!

More and more these days video marketing is the right approach to market your business and video content is only going to get more popular this year.  Statistics show that more than 80% customers buy a product or service after they watch a video. Video content is preferred over written content simply because the human brain processes visuals faster than reading.

Video marketing has a larger capacity to attract massive traffic and grab the users attention. In fact, it is the most preferred and suitable form of marketing for small and local businesses which are yet to establish themselves and reach new targets. In today’s marketing, a video is the center focus for the customers.

Here’s some things  you need to start video marketing:

Conversions and Sales

Video marketing has a massive impact on conversions and sales. Videos are now being more explanatory and can engage the users attention quicker, and marketers are leveraging them to attract more leads and even raise brand awareness. You can see how videos affect the conversions and sales by understanding between sites and social media platforms that post more video content as compared to websites which do not.

Advance Buying Behaviour

Video content gives a business the usage to demonstrate their products and/or service. Videos are can be used for explaining how to use a product or for reviewing a certain product or service. Amazon and Nykaa are utilising video by marketing their products. When you see somebody use or review a product through a video, it makes you feel involved and connect to the brand. This then can influence your buying behaviour and advance sales for brands and businesses. Sharing video content is a great way to build trust with your target audience.

Social Media Posting

The most used format of content on social media today is without a doubt video content. Video content can communicate a large deal of information in a short time, and is also easily accepted by people. Undeniably, if you want to clean up your social media account and reach a larger audience, you need to share more video content. Not only is it more engaging but it also has a longer lasting impact as compared to written content. Videos are a great way of explaining ideas, products, reviews or transfer user experience. Bands and businesses end up generating a lot of video content for their market.

Hold Visitors Attention

Since videos are more engaging, visitors are more likely to spend time on your social media profiles or website when it contains video. A user can find it easier to view videos to absorb content as say reading blogs. Adding a video to your social media profiles will attract new visitors and at the same time increase your reach. Publishing videos will also make your brand easily recognisable.

Videos are more Interesting

If you were provided two pieces of content, a blog and a video, which one would you be more likely to absorb? Video! Visuals have always been more interesting than writing. A website or social media page that has more visuals than text is always going to gain more attention than one with just text. While big brands and businesses have already shifted to video content, smaller businesses are slowly changing to video trends for marketing and online promotion. Tons of videos are being added to the internet on a daily basis, and watch out because we’re going to witness a wave in video content this year.

High Bounce Rate

Brands and Businesses are now using videos as a solution for a higher bounce rate. A few years back a user would visit a website and leave quicly thanks to non-engaging content on websites or landing pages. But now,with the rise in video content as the most engaging form of content, brands and businesses have started using video on their homepage as a way to engage the visitor. Does this make a difference? Visitors who see these pages are now forced to spend more time on them pages because they want to watch the video. It’s a fantastic way to lower your bounce rate on your website while grabbing their attention. This proves the effectiveness of video marketing. Sites with videos rank better on search engines which helps in increase traffic.

Better ROI

Video marketing can get the maximum return on your investment. Visuals are always attractive and help keep a customer on your site. Stats show that the average user spends 80% more time on a website that has a video. It should receive a better response from your customers as compared to a written content.

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