Can Podcasting Really Improve Your SEO?

Can Podcasting Really Improve Your SEO?

The question I am often asked is can podcasting really improve your SEO. Podcasting is fast becoming a main source for conveying website information and ads. Its popularity is fast growing making podcasting a real valuable tool for improving your SEO. 

Do you know podcasts have been around since 2004? It was the great Apple that designed podcasts as a way of digital radio, specifically for downloading audio files onto iPods and MP3 players.

Search Engine Optimising (SEO) is now all about creating content that makes searching for information much easier for the end user so they can access easily, and podcasting is a great way to add fresh content to your site and attract more authorised links. Some search engines you should consider using for your podcasts are: Google (of course), Bing/Yahoo!, YouTube and even iTunes. 

1.)  What to put in your podcasts to improve SEO?

You can grow your podcast audience by using relevant keywords specific to your website, so you are optimising content for search engines.

  • Think tactically when coming up the title of your podcast. Search engines will prioritise the title. 
  • Think about what your potential subscriber/customer would enter into a search engine and use this information as a guide.
  • Include digital images/photos so you can add visual appeal, it also breaks up blocks of print.
  • Utilise ‘front-loading content’. This means putting the most important information at the beginning of your title. Remember… engage your audience!
  • And keep your podcasts short and simple. The more to the point you are, the more likely you are to keep your subscribers coming back for more.

2.)  Why should you add podcasts to improve your SEO?

  • Because it attracts new listeners, which could turn into new customers!
  • Podcasts are so under-rated; they can build your online traffic and create a new way of learning about your service/product.
  • This is a big one… they drive link-building and Google will send traffic to your website if your content attracts links.
  • Podcasts is a free way to market and advertising your business.
  • They are a worthwhile source to increase subscribers and build a strong customer base.
  • Podcasting builds great links, utilises backlinks, which in turn increases search engine ranking.

3.)  How can SEO help your podcasts?

  • The KEY is your title! The ranking algorithm of Google and iTunes both use keywords from your title which makes finding your podcast easy.
  • SEO helps grow your audience, it does this by utilising keyword searches, as well as content specific.
  • Make sure you have a good RSS that is compatible for your requirements. This RSS feed is what your audience is subscribing to, and gives all your podcast information to the other podcast platforms.
  • Social media platforms signal search engines every time one of your podcasts is shared on them.
  • And add a transcription of your podcast; this will gives you a good ranking for SEO.

4.)  Are there any pitfalls using SEO practices in your podcasts?

  • Website speed! These days users prefer web pages that load quick. If your speed is slow you will lose potential subscribers/customers. You can check your speed with GTmetrix or Pingdom.
  • Don’t add too many sidebar widgets. Users have become so overwhelmed with too many images, so use smaller images or optimise them correctly.

Podcasting really does offer endless potential opportunities for attracting new customers to your website. You will continue to benefit from SEO after you have published and optimised your podcasts because they have no expiration date!

Podcasting is now becoming the affordable alternative to enhanced marketing, which increases your SEO.

If you have questions or want to learn how to implement podcasts, contact us here.

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