5 Google features you’re not using, but should be


Google is arguably the worlds most loved search engine. In 2013 alone, there were over 2 trillion annual searches, which equates to nearly 6 billion searches per day.

One would think such a popular site should have a very sleek user interface to go with it. However, as you would no doubt know, Google’s home page is very plain and thus its full feature set is not immediately obvious.

The leading factor behind this – the founders didn’t know HTML and wanted a quick interface. Hence, with such a bare interface, some features which can dramatically increase the experience and accuracy of your search results are often overlooked.

Below are 5 useful, but often overlooked features that can significantly improve your Google Search results:

#1 – Reverse Image Search

Ever wondered where an image has come from or would like an image you have in a larger file size? Using the “Search By Image” feature on Google will do just that. You can either drag the image from the website or from your computer straight to the search box on images.google.com and let Google do the work – simple!

#2 – Discover Local Businesses

Google has begun placing a large emphasis on localising search engine results. You may notice that your search results may differ depending on your location, especially when searching via mobile. To use this to your advantage, head to www.google.com.au/maps/ and try combining search terms such as “pizza (suburb)” to get a list of pizza stores in that suburb – especially handy when you’re in unfamiliar territory! For extra effect, try adding words such as “best” and “top” at the start of your search to see Google Reviews by others.

#3 – Find Related Pages

Wanting to find a similar site to the one you’re already looking at? Instead of wasting countless hour’s googling things related to that website in particular, type “related:http://www.yourwebsiteaddress.com/”. Sites related to the website you have entered will now appear in the search engine results. We still recommend Googling popular keywords related to the site you’re after to maximise your results.

#4 – Get Definitions

Typing “define (word)” into Google search will yield a wealth of definitions, synonyms and even the history of that particular word you’re researching. This allows you to get quick definitions for words, the perfect solution for when you’re trying to finish that all important report or email. It’s not limited to just single words either, you can define phrases such as “now and again”, brand names like “Pizza Hut” or things such as “Titanic Movie”. Get creative!

#5 – Convert Currencies

You’re looking to purchase something online from an overseas store but you’ve just realised you have no idea of the current conversion rates. By typing “AUD to USD”, or any other currency, an online calculator will come up allowing you free will to work out the exchange on any amount you would like. Although Google have posted a disclaimer that the results may be inaccurate at times, it is definitely the easiest way to do a quick currency conversion online.

Using these 5 handy search feature, you’ll be mastering Google in no time and displaying the most accurate results for what you’re after.


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