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Making your website easy to navigate can be the difference between keeping visitors or losing them to your competitor’s site. A cornerstone content is a important factor in keeping traffic within your site and improving your user experience.

A Beginners Guide on Keyword Research

Google is constantly keeping us on our toes with all their algorithm updates, but one thing that has stayed pretty consistent for marketers looking to optimise their websites for the search engines is keyword research. Well, the need to do keyword research has stayed the same. How you actually do it hasn’t. What is keyword research? Keyword research is when online users use keywords to find and research search terms that users enter into search engines. The knowledge about these specific search terms can help inform content strategy, and marketing strategy. Below is a keyword research process you can follow to help you come up with a list of words you should be targeting. This way, you will be able to establish a strong keyword strategy that helps you get found for the search terms you actually care about. How do […]

Choosing the right SEO Keywords

Ranking in the search engines is a complex process, so choosing the right SEO keywords is important, but if you’re not a SEO expert where do you start? You start by doing a keyword research first and getting inside the heads of your customers, by knowing exactly what words they use when searching. How do you choose which keywords to optimise for? Should you focus on long tail keywords, or go straight for the most competitive head terms?   Check your competition Whether you target long tail keywords that are specific and consist of multiple key words, or you target after head terms depends on your competition. If the competition in your business is high, then you will have a hard time ranking on competitive head terms. If you have […]

Benefits of having a Blog page?

We are often asked by our clients whether having a blog on their site is really a necessary. As a business owner ourselves we have built a successful business in large part thanks to our blogs and content. I’ve seen firsthand the difference it makes in terms of Google ranking. We are a huge advocate of investing heavily in a content strategy, and that strategy begins with your company blog. Below are some major reasons why having a blog is critical to a successful site: 1. Drives traffic to your website: First, and most important a blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers. Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic to your website. Your business might be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or anywhere else. Posting […]

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What is UI Design?

What is UI (user interface) Design? is difficult to answer because of its large variety of misinterpretations. While User Experience is a mishmash of tasks focused on optimisation of a product for effective and enjoyable use; User Interface Design is its compliment, i.e. the look and feel, or the presentation and interactivity of the product. But it is easily and often confused by the industries that use UI Designers. To some extent that different job roles will often refer to the profession as something completely different (i.e.UX). You will find perception of the profession that is alike to graphic design. Sometimes spreading to branding, and even front end web development as well. If you look at an expert explanation of User Interface Design, you will mostly find descriptions that are in […]

Google Sends Warnings for HTTP Sites

If you’re website is using HTTP at the start of the domain name you may get a warning notice from Google, they already have begun sending out warning notices to owners that their website will be flagged as a “non secure” in Google Chrome starting in October 2017.  Their first step in the plan is to display a “Not secure” label in the address bar. So what does this mean for you?  If your website uses a form which includes things such as a comment form, Google can show the website as not being secure if you use the Google Chrome browser.  Google will also show this warning for ALL your pages when viewed in the Incognito mode.  If your website has no forms but is the […]

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Why Is Website Maintenance Important? Your website is a very important part of your business. Not only does it bring you traffic, it also represents your business. This means that there are many reasons why you should be always updating your website. From constantly grabbing the attention of your visitors to improving your search engine rankings, frequently website updates might seem pointless, but they are far from it. Retail shops are always updating their shop windows with latest offers and products. Even though you might not own a actual store, the same concept still applies to your website. Corporate Image Your website is a public reflection of your brand. A website which is not regularly maintained can lead to errors, broken links and outdated information and […]

A quick guide in becoming a UX designer

It seems more and more these days in a competitive market the importance of a UX designer is becoming more important and essential if any business wants to succeed. The role of a UX designer is to be the voice of the user. The goal of UX designer is to make the experience of using the product or a service as easy as possible. To achieve this UX designers must put themselves in the shoes of the customer, analyse the process they go through, and then come up with solutions to make the process easier by testing them with the end user. Here is a a Four step process UX design really is a simple process: Research  —  2. Analyse — 3. Design — 4. Test Each step can be expanded […]

What is ‘digital design’

So – What is Digital Design? – it’s the buzzword of 21st century marketing. But what does it really mean and how does traditional design relate to it? Quite simply design that used to be done pre-computer is now done on computer and via computer networks, including the Internet. Marketing communication (promotion) still relies on words and pictures to attract attention and motivate existing and, particularly. potential new customers towards purchase, consumption and repurchase of goods and services and the building of those into trusted brands. Promotional expertise once relied on traditional graphic design – the creation and manipulation of words, supported by type styles, photographs, illustrations and other graphics, to produce attractively persuasive communication – particularly in press, print […]