Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Why Is Website Maintenance Important? Your website is a very important part of your business. Not only does it bring you traffic, it also represents your business. This means that there are many reasons why you should be always updating your website. From constantly grabbing the attention of your visitors to improving your search engine rankings, frequently website updates might seem pointless, but they are far from it. Retail shops are always updating their shop windows with latest offers and products. Even though you might not own a actual store, the same concept still applies to your website. Corporate Image Your website is a public reflection of your brand. A website which is not regularly maintained can lead to errors, broken links and outdated information and […]

A quick guide in becoming a UX designer

It seems more and more these days in a competitive market the importance of a UX designer is becoming more important and essential if any business wants to succeed. The role of a UX designer is to be the voice of the user. The goal of UX designer is to make the experience of using the product or a service as easy as possible. To achieve this UX designers must put themselves in the shoes of the customer, analyse the process they go through, and then come up with solutions to make the process easier by testing them with the end user. Here is a a Four step process UX design really is a simple process: Research  —  2. Analyse — 3. Design — 4. Test Each step can be expanded […]

What is ‘digital design’

So – What is Digital Design? – it’s the buzzword of 21st century marketing. But what does it really mean and how does traditional design relate to it? Quite simply design that used to be done pre-computer is now done on computer and via computer networks, including the Internet. Marketing communication (promotion) still relies on words and pictures to attract attention and motivate existing and, particularly. potential new customers towards purchase, consumption and repurchase of goods and services and the building of those into trusted brands. Promotional expertise once relied on traditional graphic design – the creation and manipulation of words, supported by type styles, photographs, illustrations and other graphics, to produce attractively persuasive communication – particularly in press, print […]

The value of UX Design

Any one can develop a website these days, what with platforms such as Squarespace and WIX it’s making it easier for any one even if they have no web experience to produce a website. However, whether that website works properly on mobile devices, looks professional is a different story. Yes, the internet is making it more harder for any one in their trade to compete with their online competition, but no matter how much cheaper your customers are getting their graphic or web design work done on an online site, there is no value like an designer who is experienced in their craft. Sure, making a WIX site is easy, but what happens when you run into a technical issue? Of […]

Updating Your Website Without Sacrificing Your SEO

We all need to keep up to date with web trends these days, and usually that means every three to five years you should consider redesigning your website. But often a client does not think what impact this will have on their SEO (if it’s optimised well to begin with). Why should you consider SEO in a redesign? In short, because you have a lot to lose. Let’s say your website’s ranking really well. Rankings are strong, organic traffic is flowing and revenue is growing. Do you really want to undo all that hard and expensive work? However, by thinking strategically, you can take the opportunity to improve a site’s performance after a redesign. This diagram shows a steady increase in traffic followed […]

Optimising your images

Optimising your images is the new way to boost your SEO because now Google are focusing on websites that load fast, and optimising your images is a sure way to make that happen. Have you ever wondered the following…. Why is it that when I do a Google image search, my photos never show up? Should I add “Alt Tags” to my images? And what’s the difference between a JPEG, GIF and PNG? 1. Name Your Images Descriptively and in easy to read english It’s easy to trail through hundreds of your product shots and keep the default file name the same as your camera provides. But before you continuing doing that, let’s discuss why that’s not a good idea. When it comes to […]

How Video Creates SEO Results

Video has become a very important feature for anyone who is concerned with a good SEO ranking, conversion rates and brand recognition. That’s pretty much all of us. So how does video marketing affect your website’s SEO, and how can you use it in your content marketing strategy? Below are some key SEO tips, and some practices for using video to climb the search engine ladder: Higher CTR Lower bounce rates Quality backlinks Improved SERP rank Videos Rank in SERPs Google SERPs prioritise video results. Ranking on Google’s first page is a SEO priority. Pages with videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. Why is video marketing more likely to rank than say plain text […]

Image SEO optimisation: Alt tags and title tags

Image SEO optimisation The new SEO is now the speed of a site, and this is achieved by correctly optimising your images for your website. You also shouldn’t forget to give your images good alt attributes: alt tags and title tags do strengthen the message towards Google’s search engine spiders and improve the accessibility of your website. The term “alt tag” is a common abbreviation of what’s actually an alt attribute on an img tag. For all images on your website, the alt tag needs to describe what’s on it. Screen readers for the visually impaired will read out this and which makes your image accessible for anyone who can’t see property. What is a alt tags and title tag? Below is a screen shot of HTML image […]

Speed Is the New SEO

If you’re website doesn’t load in one second, you’re web developer is building it wrong.   We are in the age of mobile devices. Nearly every person in this world uses a mobile device when looking for information online now. So for this reason alone, businesses have catered to the needs of the mobile users worldwide to ensure a positive and satisfying experience. Google gives a mobile-friendly site a boost in search engine ranking in relation to its recent algorithm update. Google has updated the page speed ranking factor to look at the page speed of your mobile site. But once a business has gained a competitive advantage by making its website mobile-friendly, what should be next? Speed, and why it matters Page speed is […]